Schnurman Voice Studios

Schnurman Voice Studios

Juilliard-Trained Master Voice Teacher

Why Study With Steven?

By studying with the renowned Juilliard-trained voice teacher, Steven Schnurman, recipient of  the prestigious Herbert W. Weinstock and Arthur Ross awards, you are studying with a former professional singer and someone who is recognized as one of the top voice teachers in the United States. 

Mr. Schnurman incorporates his successful physiological techniques and his keen ability to find individual solutions to singers’ vocal problems and needs.  While most voice teachers teach singers based upon what sounds good to them,  Steven teaches singing based upon physiology. He understands that hundreds of muscles must work together in unison, and not against one another, in order to create a strong, free and beautiful vocal production.

What Do Students Say?

Listen to Meera, Trained by Mr. Schnurman. Check more testimonials by clicking here.

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